BabyCare Chatbot

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A healthcare service for new parents

Concept: BabyCare is an online service that provides preliminary health-check for babies via instant dialogue. The service helps parents to decide if the child needs to be brought to the hospital immediately or can be treated at home.

Main user-groups: young parents whose children are 0-3 years old and may not have a lot of experience with babies. The desired goal is to provide users with certified, reliable medical advice and support their decision-making process.  The structure of the dialogue between the user and the application is simple and straightforward. The main functionalities include:

  • Identify the problem by evaluating observed symptoms
  • Locate the nearest hospitals

Users are not required to create an account in order to interact with the chatbot. BabyCare will be used mainly for non-urgent situations and the need to visit hospital or doctor can still be discussed. Users will be able to insert basic information related to the child’s health situation, as well as insert the current location in order to identify the nearest health care centres. The format of the dialogue is simple, allowing users to only insert the most important information, and receive preliminary care in a very short time. 


User persona


My role: 

  • Design concept and service
  • Design workflows, wireframes, and mock-ups
  • Create user interfaces
  • Create interactive prototypes

The live prototype can be found here