Good Market

This is a fictitious project for educational purpose only. 

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The brief

Good Market is a (fictitious) medium scale grocery franchise based in the United States. Although their customer satisfaction ratings have remained relatively constant over the last 4 years, their market share has decreasing by 8% each year. If they continue at this rate for another year or two, they’ll be forced to shut their doors. Through some market and user research they’ve determined that this decline is most likely due to the increase in online grocery ordering & delivery products, like Fresh Direct and Good Eggs. Many customers prefer these products to shopping in store because they’re faster, easier and more convenient - customers can shop from their desks, homes, or in line at the coffee shop. Good Market believes that if they allow their customers to shop and buy their products online, they can expand their customer base and market share. They plan to design and release a pilot program in New York and San Francisco, iterate based on what they learn and then expand the product to other cities around the country.


Vision statement

GoodMarket is a grocery shopping tool that helps customers quickly and easily shop and purchase groceries online, and then have them delivered promptly at little to no cost.


Customer persona: The Busy Professional
● age 25 - 35
● tend to live alone or with one roommate
● have limited time
● have disposable income
● are tech savvy and tend to use iPhones over Android phones
● work long hours (most said 9am - 7pm), but have some flexibility
● go out about half of the nights of the week


Identify business goals
1. What is the expected business goals for the product?
2. What are the user's goals?
3. How do the business and user goals align?

Usability competitive analysis

Card sorting exercises

User flow

user flow.png

User scenarios

Arrives to homepage, finds items to buy

While at work on Tuesday, TBP realizes that she’s getting low on groceries and needs to go shopping. She has a full day ahead and no time for standing in long lines at busy supermarkets.  In between emails, she hops onto the GoodMarket product to order her groceries. TBP browses various food categories to see what’s available.

Adds items to cart

She adds some apples, kale, eggs, a few power bars and some almond milk to her shopping cart.

Checks out, signs up in the process of checking out

Once she’s added everything she wants to buy to her cart, she checks out. Before she can complete her purchase, she needs to log in or sign up for an account. TBP does not have an account so she makes one quickly, then continues with the checkout flow. She enters her credit card information, shipping address, and schedules a delivery for a one-hour window the following morning. She reviews her purchase details, orders, and receives a confirmation.


Sitemap with wireframe